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  • Prevents theft of a wide range of product categories
  • Technology options to meet every retail implementation
  • Original Sensormatic Product. High quality and durability.
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It offers an extended range of detection and is typically more resistant to external electronic interference, allowing for increased flexibility during installation

(Radio Frequency)

Offers retailers a cost-effective and appealing anti-theft solution that encourages open merchandising in various retail settings
(Radio Frequency Identification)
This technology can identify the specific stolen item, when the event happened and how many items were involved.

Get to know some of our EAS Labels

Magnetic Steel Lanyard Tag

Flexible lanyard attaches to merchandise of all shapes and sizes

SuperTag 4

Designed with additional security to help reduce shrink and increase profitability

Infuzion AM Magnetic Tag

Reduces time and labor required to apply and remove tags when compared to traditional two-piece tags

Synergy 2.5 ABS Pedestal

Compatible RFID Retrofit Panel provides an easy, cost-effective migration path to advanced RFID functionality to provide inventory and shrink visibility


The Door-Max features Sensormatic AM EAS technology in an attractive, slender antenna to protect exits up to 1.8m (6ft) wide.

Synergy Self-Contained Pedestal

Consistent 2.5m (8.2ft) global detection performance protects critical assets

APX Roll Label

Applied at the source allows merchandise to arrive tagged and shelf ready, moving faster from receiving to sales floor

APX Individual Sheet Label

Utilizes proven Sensormatic AM technology and manufacturing process to provide reliable detection performance

APX Label Barcode, Sheet

Helps deliver consistent deactivation at the POS with quality materials and precision manufacturing

Magnetic 9kG Detachers

One-handed detaching accelerates checkout and alleviates unnecessary shopper delays

SuperTag Manual Handheld Detacher

Ambidextrous design allows for quick and easy operation with either hand

SuperTag 4 Power Detacher

Designed with additional security to help reduce shrink and increase profitability

Value Pad Deactivator

Scan-enable functionality only deactivates labels with a valid barcode

Essentials Deactivator

Deactivates protected merchandise in a single pass, regardless of label orientation, to accelerate check-out and alleviate unnecessary shopper delays

Universal Deactivator Controller

Fast deactivation rates expedite checkout for increased customer satisfaction and employee efficiency

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We are an integrator of information technology solutions from top brands in the market. Our services cater to the business sectors of both the United States and Latin America, specializing in areas such as traceability, security, loss prevention, data analysis, among others.

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