Customer Experience (CX) has become a primary focus for organizations in the retail sector.

Customer expectations have intensified, requiring differentiated treatment for each client. Organizations, when automating their business processes, must now incorporate elements of foresight and intelligence. A diverse ecosystem of solutions is at their disposal, catering to various business types. This array empowers businesses to set themselves apart and establish a competitive edge.

Our IRVC (Innovation for Retail Value Chain) ecosystem is guided by the concepts of innovation and excellence.

  • EAS
  • Source Tagging
  • Digital Food Safety

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Customer Behavior
  • Self Service
  • IOT

  • RFID
  • TrueVue
  • Printing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Supplies
  • SCM

Logistics and Government

Our logistics solutions provide tailored services for both logistics and government sectors, optimizing supply chains and ensuring seamless operations with enhanced security.

RFID Specialist

For years, we have executed numerous RFID projects in the region through our integrators, showcasing expertise in comprehending, designing, and implementing solutions for every need. Our platforms are developed with tested and refined algorithms tailored to various industries, with success stories that validate our capabilities

Many industries benefit from RFID:

  • Education
  • Real State
  • Corporative
  • Security


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