What is EAS System?

“Electronic Article Surveillance” (EAS), also known as electronic item surveillance, is a widely used anti-theft system in the retail sector. Created 60 years ago, it has been a fundamental element in protecting products and preventing losses in stores, hotels, and casinos, where it is even used for key and asset control.

How does it work?

EAS systems are simple yet effective: a transmitter emits signals at defined frequencies to a receiver, creating a surveillance area. When an item with a special label or tag enters this area, a disturbance is generated and detected by the receiver. The way these labels or tags disrupt the signal can vary depending on the technology used, such as simple semiconductor junctions, circuits tuned to specific frequencies, magnetic wires, or vibrating resonators.


There are three main technologies in EAS: AM (Acousto-Magnetic), RF (Radio Frequency), and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Each has its own characteristics and specific applications.

The benefits of electronic item surveillance are clear: it helps protect products and alerts about potential thefts, deterring criminals when they see security labels or sensors.

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