What is RFID?

“Radio Frequency Identification” is an identification technology that uses physical elements called RFID tags or labels, allowing for the interrogation of an integrated circuit (RFID chip) and the capture of data contained in its memory through Radio Frequency.

What can I use RFID for?

This alphanumeric data contains a variety of information and can be used to store and retrieve user information or to identify an asset, person, or product through a numbering system.

Who integrates this technology?

Today, there are various certification standards that ensure the traceability and proper use of this technology. Smart Costa provides RFID technology solutions in collaboration with certified manufacturers, offering the highest quality available in the market.

The origin of this technology

Although RFID was invented and used in various applications, primarily military, since the 1940s, it was not until the 1990s that its commercial use as a means of identifying products and goods through RFID tags similar to the ones we know today became popular.

What elements make up RFID?

Required components include PDAs or Hand Helds, fixed readers for traceability, appropriate Radio Frequency tags, and a robust and reliable software platform.

Smart Costa LLC is a technology distributor with over 17 years of experience developing and providing automation solutions with RFID technology. As a value-added distributor, we support the design of solutions, accompanying and generating cutting-edge solutions for our commercial partners and clients. Our experience and knowledge of the technology speak for themselves.

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