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we have achieved the best complete value proposition for your business, bringing you all the technologies around your needs, seeking to improve your inventories, your customer service capacity, detect losses, better understand your business, analyze data, reduce cost and increase profit.

Access Control

Access and identification interactions between users and companies must be easy and secure. This is possible through the ACCES-O platform.

The ACCES-O platform creates a secure ID for each user registered in our system and a SAFE PASS tag to authenticate the user in our ecosystem. ACCES-O developed several modules to facilitate the funtionality used in daily control tasks.

Presense Tracking

The system's ability to count people or assets at a location or identify if a person is at their workplace. Measure the movements of objects or people that are identified with this technology.


We have experience in the design and implementation of technological solutions for electronic security. Expert staff supported by innovative and disruptive technologies, available through personalized services and training in Cybersecurity, Electronic Security, Blockchain and data analysis, to achieve the execution of effective, profitable and low-risk projects.

Warehouse Management

Logistics of minutes and seconds, platforms that automate and make the business profitable. Warehouse logistics is now one of the success elements in many companies, each time the delivery of the products is reduced and the availability of these is a determining factor with the customer. Traceability, warehouse management and logistics management solutions generate power and competitiveness, becoming fundamental tools for companies in any industry.

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