Loss Prevention


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Loss Prevention

We offer you everything you need to have an automated security system that provides better productivity, customer service, and return on investment.

Included in the Bundle:

Synergy 1170 provides superior Sensormatic AM EAS anti-theft protection with up to 2.5m (8.2ft) of coverage between pedestals.


Value Pad Deactivator deactivates active AM EAS labels up to four inches above the surface of the pad for a reliable and virtually process.

Label Deactivator

Dashboards can be viewed by district, region and enterprise-wide to isolate the information needed. Remote System Monitoring.

SMAAS Software

Designed for quick removal of magnetic 9kG security tags from merchandise at the POS and provides security for a full line of products.

Tag Detacher

Original Sensormatic Products

We work with the most recognized and high-quality brand in the market, known for its security and loss prevention solutions for retail.

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