The most effective defense against retail theft and loss incidents.


Secure your inventory and reduce shrink with our Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Solution

Elevate your loss prevention initiatives by implementing innovative solutions that leverage proven technology to protect and detect.

Our advanced Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions are designed to ensure security on a diverse range of retail environments, store structures, and inventory categories.

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More About EAS Technology

Explore and Find the EAS Technology that Suits your Needs.

AM (Acousto-Magnetic)

Provides an extended range of detection and is typically more resistant to external electronic interference allowing for increased flexibility on installation.

RF (Radio Frequency)

Offers retailers an cost-effective and appealing anti-theft solution that encourages open merchandising for various retail settings.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Enables a distinctive overhead EAS solution tailored for stores with open architecture or situated within malls. This solution restricts pedestals, ensures exit coverage, and safeguards merchandise discretely at the store entrance.

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EAS Components

Explore the Different EAS Components

More Than an Exit Alarm

Secure your storefront with trusted anti-shoplifting technology

Fight shrink and protect your merchandise at the storefront with Sensormatic detection systems designed to fit any retail environment

  • Flexibility & Performance
  • Detection System Data
  • Concealed & Discreet
  • Fit Every Need

Secure and Convenient Label Deactivation & Hard Tag Removal

Seamless Checkout Experience for Any Retail Environment

Our detachers and deactivators quickly and efficiently remove hard tags or deactivate labels from protected merchandise at the point of sale (POS). We offer an unmatched variety of reliable deactivators with multiple installation options and features, as well as a range of manual and powered detachers in sizes that fit the smallest checkout stands

  • Effective & Protective
  • Expedited Deactivation
  • Convenient & Flexible
  • Self-Checkout Integration

Anti-theft Solutions for a Broad Range of Product Categories

Reduce Shrink and Increase Sales

Innovative, easy-to-apply anti-theft products to help retailers protect merchandise and deliver a frictionless customer experience. We offer a broad portfolio of easy-to-apply hard tags and labels in Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radio Frequency (RF), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to protect everything from apparel and cosmetics to hardware and groceries.

  • Fit All Needs
  • Easy Application
  • All Inventory Types
  • Hard Tags, Labels, & More

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