As Easter approaches, businesses must evaluate the efficiency of their promotions to ensure they are optimizing ROI and providing excellent customer experiences.

Traffic Counting

Utilize traffic counting to measure foot traffic entering your stores, providing insights into the overall effectiveness of your Easter promotions in attracting customers.

Accurate Inventory Management

Insights into inventory levels enable accurate inventory management that prevents out-of-stock situations, reduces the need for safety stock, and ultimately improves profitability.

Conversion Rate Analysis

Analyze conversion rates to understand how many customer are making purchases during the promotion period, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your promotions in driving sales.

Dwell Time Monitoring

Monitor dwell times to see if customers are spending more time in-store, indicating increased engagement with Easter-themed displays or promotions.

Basket Size Tracking

Track changes in basket size to determine if promotions are encouraging customers to purchase more items or higher-value products.

Repeat Visit Analysis

Evaluate repeat visits to measure the long-term impact of promotions on customer loyalty and retention.

Locating Products

Heatmaps and path analysis tools can help you identify the most popular product locations, allowing you to quickly and easily locate products that shoppers want to purchase, improving the overall shopping experience.

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